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Fishing Equipment : Getting the Most Out of Your Carp Fishing Equipment

Fishing Equipment

Do you want to get the most out of your UK carp fishing equipment? Carp can be a challenge to catch, but with the right fishing gear and know-how, you'll be amazed at how well you can do. To be successful, it's important to know how to catch a carp and how to properly care for one after you've caught him.

Making the Catch

Carp often like to group together; you don't often see one off by itself. This leads us to the first rule of catching a carp: there's strength in numbers, so ideally, you want to find a carp that is away from the group. Where are you most likely to find an isolated fish? Take your fishing gear to those tight spaces where the water's real deep, places that may appear to be an attractive safe haven for a carp.

Now carp are scared off easily, so you can't thrash around and expect to reel anything in. Take your time and be as quiet as possible. If you spot a carp, you can use any number of good lures such as carp bait which can include maggots, worms, pellets and so on. Throw the bait a meter or two in front of him so it looks natural to the carp. It may make him suspicious if a juicy worm suddenly "appears" from nowhere. Play it smart and you'll have him hook, line and sinker in no time!

Blimey, You've Got Him! Now What?

Now once you've caught the carp, the goal is to use your carp fishing gear to safely remove him from the water, weigh him, get a picture taken of the big catch and return him unharmed. All fish are vulnerable once removed from their aquatic habitation. You need a quality net that's large enough to ensure the struggling fish doesn't injure himself while flopping around. Carefully get him on the wet mat, then into the weigh sling.

If you don't have the camera ready to immediately photograph your triumphant moment, it's probably best to put the carp in a net or sack and temporarily put him back in the lake. Use a net if it will only be for a few minutes. For longer periods use the sack. Once the photos are done, gently return the carp to the water.

Carp fishing is a worthwhile sport in the UK: with the correct carp fishing equipment and these tips, you'll be ready to take those carp on in no time!

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