Friday, June 12, 2009

Fishing Equipment : Carp Fishing Tackle Tips

Fishing Equipment

When it come to fishing, especially carp fishing, you better make sure to have the proper tackle ready to go before you head to the lake. Most people think this is common sense, but you would be surprised how quickly many people rush out and do this. Today, I am going to offer advice and tips on choosing high quality carp fishing tackle.

My first tip is not to use cheap tackle. It may seem like all hooks, lines, swivels, are the same, but they are not. Do not skimp on these items or they will cost you a lost fish or two. If you are using hair rigs and boilies, be extra careful the connections are secure. Equipment fails can cost you trophy fish.

Another tip about using your gear is not to store things all in the same box or bag. Things bleed together and smells can turn the fish off, so do not store your baits in the same place, unless you do not care that they may mix. Plastics can also melt very easily, so be very careful.

When it comes to your rods, reels, nets, rod holders, baits, etc., do not be cheap either. While you do not have to spend thousands of dollars, do not just grab a fifty year old rod out of the basement and expect to land a trophy on your trip. Hopefully you will not any problems if you follow that simple advice.

On a final note, be careful not to slam your doors when loading your stuff. I have broken a few rod tips myself and know the agony.

Good luck.

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