Friday, June 12, 2009

Fishing Equipment : Bass Spawn is Here!

Fishing Equipment

It's that time of year again! Pre-spawn/spawning season is here!

This is the best time of year to get in there for some heavy bass action. From now until late April the bass are going to be biting like crazy! This is the most exciting time of year to fish in my opinion. I love getting out on the water in early April because when the bass are spawning you are almost guaranteed some good action.

The bass are going into pre spawn right now. This means that they are moving into the shallow parts of lakes to make beds. They prefer shallow water near thick reeds or brush. When the bass are in pre spawn they are very active. You will see them swimming frantically almost like they are territorial. The reason for this is that they are territorial. When they set up a place to lay their eggs (bed) they become very aggressive in the area. They are known to bite at almost anything that crosses their area.

When the bass enter their actual spawning period, or the time that they actually lay their eggs, they become even more active. Once the eggs are in the beds they become very territorial. This is the best time to fish for bass in my opinion because if you find a bed you can cast over it and get a hit almost every time.

My favorite strategy for fishing during spawning season is all about the fishing tackle equipment My favorite lures to use during this time include suspending jerk baits, spinnerbaits, and top water lures. If it is midday you will probably be better off using a spinnerbait or a suspender. You need to figure out how deep the bed is first. If it is 5 feet deep, use a lure that runs 3-4 feet deep. Just drag it along right in front of their faces, and if necessary use a frantic jerking motion. (Any quick motions will catch their attention) If it is early morning or evening try a top water lure. They are more likely to move farther away from the bed in the cover of darkness.

Try some of these techniques right now. This is the perfect time of year to get in some good quality bass fishing. Using these techniques should greatly improve your bass fishing experience.

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