Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fishing Equipment: Fly Fishing Without Using Fly Fishing Gear

A Trout Fishing Technique

Fly fishing has been well known as a great method for catching trout for many, many years, but what if you are a trout fisherman who doesn't fly fish? If you don't fly fish, you are probably under the impression that fishing with flies is not a possibility for you. This is actually not the case and this article will explain a very effective trout fishing technique for fly fishing without having to use fly fishing gear.

The entire act of fly fishing has always seemed like too much of "a production" to me to be a viable fishing alternative, but using artificial flies for fishing (and for trout fishing in particular) has always intrigued me because of their obvious effectiveness. The bottom line is that fishing with artificial flies can be accomplished without the use of traditional fly fishing gear, and the answer lies in the use of a casting bubble.

Using casting bubbles as a way to fly fish while using traditional spin fishing gear is an excellent trout fishing technique for any serious trout angler to add to their fishing repertoire. A casting bubble is simply a small clear "bubble" (much like a bobber) that slips onto your fishing line providing weight for casting lightweight flies. The "bubble" is then retrieved slowly with the fly to tow. Casting bubbles can be used to fish both wet and dry flies effectively. Casting bubbles are easy to use and an excellent fishing technique to learn and employ for many species of fish, but especially for trout.

When using a casting bubble and fly it's very important to be able to see not only the bubble itself while it in being retrieved, but in some cases the fly itself as well. This is why it's important to wear a quality pair of polarized glasses when using this trout fishing technique. Polarized sunglasses cut through the glare and refraction of the sun as it reflects off of the water. Being able to see what's going on with your casting bubble and fly are very important, so a quality pair of polarized sun glasses are also very important when using this fishing technique.

The bottom line is that using a bubble to fish with a lightweight fly works and is an excellent technique to learn and have available when fishing for trout. If you've ever wanted to use flies as bait, but don't like the idea of "fly fishing" a casting bubble is the technique for you. It is the only way to go "fly fishing" without using traditional fly fishing gear.

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